Hey there Zombie Art Lovers! In the tradition of bringing you top notch Zombie Art this week to help kick of 2016 with a huge explosion of awesome daily images, Zombie Daily offers you a new fun ‘Meme’ based on the popular ‘guy from the Aliens show on The History Channel!’ Yeah, that ‘guy!’ Ha! This is the follow up to the now classic ‘Batman slaps Robin in the midst of his sentence and retorts’ meme!

This is just another of the new more diverse Zombie Art pieces that I want to create and share with all of you here on Zombie Daily! When I have a little more time I like to concentrate on more complex and different pieces than just the Zombie Pinup Divas and the Heads of the Living Dead series. I will be getting back to posting both of those shortly, but in the meantime, when I finish pieces of new Zombie Art like this, I want to share it with you as soon as I can! I get so excited to get your reaction to the new more diverse work!

So, since we just recently had our Two Hundredth big Zombie Pinup Divas milestone,  want to concentrate on the next big one for the Heads of the Living Dead! hat will be number Eight Hundred! So, to that end I will begin posting new ‘Heads’ Zombie Art every second day like i kind of used to. I like that sort of rhythm for Zombie Daily and it seems to give me enough time between drawings to get another non head different Zombie Drawing done! So, onward to Eight Hundred Zombie Heads!

Thank you so much for checking out the new Zombie Art posted here on Zombie Daily! I hope that you have enjoyed today’s new Zombie offering and that you come back for more very soon! Don’t forget to invite your friends too! The more the merrier! Bye for now Zombie Nation!