More Zombie Art! Hey there lovers of dead flesh that walks! Welcome to Zombie Daily, the #1 source for new, original Zombie Illustrations posted daily! I love sharing artwork that I do for other Zombie related projects and collaborations. This image was done along with others to form a pitch to prospective publishers for a kind of cook book that would be used after the Zombie Apocalypse. Often writers will send a package (or their agents will), to a specific group of publishers that they thing may like to print their book. Naturally, if the book is illustration heavy, they may either use stock photos to give the publisher some visual cues, or they may go the extra mile, and hire someone they think might be well suited to illustrating the book should it go to print. This image was a proposed cover or intro image for the book. I will of course let you all know when it comes out and where to get it…it’s really cool!

I hoped that you all liked today’s new Zombie illustration. Please feel free to stop by anytime!