Hey there Zombie Freaks! My newest Zombie Art is right here, right now! The Olympics may be over but my Living Dead renderings of some soon to be classic Olympic competitors’ facial exertion shots will live on as some unique Zombie Drawings! This illustration was inspired by one of those great photos taken in the split second that a diver was in mid air and made a gravity defying scrunchy face that I just had to zombify. I really find that there were a lot of great photos like this to work from that lent themselves well to neat drawings of the Living Dead. There are more to come from this series as I find them irresistible to turn into crazy looking undead due to their excessively strained appearance. I couldn’t ask for better reference material even if I tried! Of course my mandate in regards to Zombie Art is to always try to find new exiting ways to interpret the undead, whether it’s with the “Heads of the Living Dead” series, Zombie Animals, Mutants, Aliens or weird zombie mash ups of another kind. That, I feel is the beauty of depicting the walking dead, no two are ever alike.

I hope that you’ve all enjoyed today’s art Zombie Nation, please come back for more soon!