Hey there Fans of Zombie Pictures! A Brand New Zombie Drawing comes your way each and every day here on Zombie Daily! Today’s pinup art comes from that inexhaustible line of Zombie Heads, “The Heads of the Living Dead” series. Of course doing such a huge number of Zombie Head drawings based on a single template, I’m always trying to find new ways to present the Living Dead. When I initially set about this task, I didn’t want to do the same Zombie Head, and just change little things about it, like add a hat, or facial hair, and things like that. I didn’t want it to become a “Mr. Potato Head” type thing. I really wanted to stretch the boundaries of how zombies could be interpreted, and I think by doing that, we not only get to see some neat little drawings, but also test our perception of the living dead. In this Zombie image for example, I imagined the virus reacting with the human in a way that at the moment of death, the body produces this kind of cocoon around it and after a short while the living dead creature emerges from it bloody and covered with gore. I always find that it helps to create a little back story to each drawing, it helps the creative process.