Hey there Zombie Nation! It’s a Chris Hardwick Zombie Portrait here on Zombie Daily! Walking Dead post show Talking Dead is a really fun and interesting program to watch and adds to the enjoyment of the main attraction. One of the reasons it is so great is because of host Chris Hardwick who provides great questions to the ever changing guest panel, keeps a great pace for the show, and often injects his own great brand of humor into the proceedings. It’s a tough gig, getting in all of the shows features, guests, clips, and breaks into a half hour show. Thankfully the “Talking Dead” program will switch to an hour long and be featured immediately after the “walking Dead” program coming this February! So, why did I do this Zombie Portrait of Chris Hardwick, aside from the obvious? Well, I was commissioned to do it by his friends at the show for a Christmas gift to him! As an avid viewer  I was absolutely delighted to do this portrait and it was a lot of fun too as the original photo was great and it was an over sized single portrait measuring 11X14. If you haven’t seen the Talking Dead program, give yourself a treat and tune in when the Walking Dead returns this year on AMC, it really is a lot of fun!

I hope that you’ve all enjoyed today’s post everyone. Tune in again soon for more Daily Zombie Mayhem!