Greetings Zombie Artwork Lovers and welcome one again to the zombified drawings here on Zombie Daily! This was a neat idea to zombify as I really didn’t know where it was going to go (what a surprise) and then it just hit me. I imagined a person lying at the bottom of a reef somewhere and being slowly covered in coral and other sea growths. I’d really like to do a full bodied version of this “head” someday and totally cover him with coral, starfish, barnacles and other forms of marine biology, maybe skewered by a harpoon or something too. This week I chose the most diverse “Heads of the Living Dead” to post just to give all of you a taste of the diversity of these zombies and how each and everyone can be utterly different from each other. I’m incredibly anxious to finish this series, or at least to reach my goal of 365 so that I can see all of them at once in maybe a poster or wall paper or something similar. I think that it’ll be so neat! I hope that you’ve enjoyed today’s post Zombie Nation, please come back soon for more zombie fun!