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If you can dream it; Rob can draw it!


From idea, to sketch to original zombie art in your hands!

Do you have an idea for a zombie illustration? Order and then submit a one sentence Zombie description, idea or theme. Rob Sacchetto will then sketch your request, post it on the Zombie Daily blog with a link of your choice and then MAIL YOU THE ORIGINAL ARTWORK!

That’s right, get zombies in your mailbox!

Be sure to read the FAQ below!



This is your opportunity to get custom zombie art!


Want to see a Zombie clown? How about a Zombie riding a horse? How about a Zombie horse? What about a Zombie pirate fighting a Zombie ninja?

Just order and submit your idea to Rob Sacchetto!

    • Q. Will you draw anything I tell you to?

    A. I ask that you limit your request is a one sentence description. If you can describe it in one sentence and the material is legal and not morally objectionable I will draw it. If, for whatever reason, I cannot fulfil your request I will refund your payment – no questions asked.

    • Q. Will you draw my portrait?

    A.Nice try. No. My zombie portrait business is separate for this offer. If you would like a portrait, I would love to do one for you but please visit the Zombie Shop and place and order. This campaign is for submitted ideas, descriptions and concepts ONLY!

    • Q. So, what constitutes a sketch?

    A. Sketches will, by default be in black and white. If the idea is really good, it might be a fully painted illustration. I can promise you will NOT get some quick pencil doodle in any case. These will all be little zombie masterpieces suitable for framing.

    • Q. Are these computer illustrations?

    A. No way! I’m a traditional artist. I work in pens and paint. These are real world object suitible for framing. Not a complex series of ones and zeros.

    • Q. So, how big are these sketches?

    A. Paper costs money. Yes, I’m serious. Good paper is one of the biggest expenses involved in what I do. But, at a minimum these will be 5×7, (or thereabout) sketches and illustrations. Again, sometimes the zombie muse gnaws on my brain and your seed of inspiration may set of a chain of events that result in a full-scale finished work that is bigger.

    • Q. How long will you spend drawing these?

    A. Probably a couple of hours, that’s what I’ve allotted with the perk price. However, this is content I will be producing for use in my blog so it’s in my best interest to do the very best job I can. I may spend several hours on a specific project if the mood strikes me. Who knows? But again, I promise you won’t receive some sloppy sketch. I’m proud of my work and you will be proud to display it.