Hello again Zombie Art Maniacs! Zombified for your viewing enjoyment, another “Head of the Living Dead”. In addition to this newly minted creature from beyond the grave, it looks like there are other, more disturbing zombie-like creatures in the news. As I’m sure everyone has heard by now, a severely disturbed homeless man who was apparently prone to violence got whacked out on some new street drug called “Bath Salts” and literally ate the parts of a persons face recently in Miami. I’m of course paraphrasing and for more details consult your local internet news outlet, but man, it all seems like fun and games until you read about something zombie apocalypse like in the news. One of the officers who was at the scene was heard to comment that it was like “Night of the Living Dead” when he was asked if he’d seen anything like this before! To me this story being compared to a zombie attack, in outcome, really drives home the true terror of what an outbreak of rampant cannibalism could really be like. It’s damn frightening! The victim has obviously taken a back seat in this sensationalistic story but in the news reports, they stated that 80% of his face had been eaten or at least taken off and that he lost an eye, or perhaps both eyes. Absolutely horrible! I gotta say, that being an obvious lover of the zombie genre and a person who has always relished gore and zombie violence in movies and comics and such for decades, an actual happening like this truly freaks me out! ‘Really don’t know how to end today’s post other than to say, I feel deeply sorry for the victim in this tragedy, and other than this, I’m, well, kind of speechless. Other than saying that, I’m in no way letting this effect my love for the genre or the art as it is after all a hollow comparison to a fantasy concept used only to describe horrific events. Okay…. I hope that you’ve all enjoyed today’s post Zombie Nation, please feel free to stop by again soon for more art on the subject of ZOMBIES!