Welcome to another edition of Zombie Daily! As the name suggests, you will see a new Undead drawing or painting posted here every single day! All of the Zombie Illustrations are created by me, Rob Sacchetto, and all of them have been have been posted here for you, the Zombie fans, out of a profound love of the horror and Zombie genre.

Today’s image is a Zombified Edgar Allen Poe, master of the atmospheric, gothic macabre… It seems fitting that he be depicted as one of the Living Dead, and even more so as this was yet another of the many custom request images from my Zombies in Your Mailbox Campaign. I must again admit, this was a very fun and rewarding image to have had requested. I really thought that it deserved that starck black and white rendering style with just a hint of gray washes to give it a little more weight. Sometimes the way an image is executed is very important, and I consider each drawing I do with the subject matter involved. This was a relatively small illustration, so I couldn’t really give it tons of detail without burying it, and, just the very fact that it was Poe, kind of made me lean towards less color and more atmosphere and so, I used gray washes…I almost used sepia, but I thought that it would be too, “On the nose”…In any case, I hope that you all like it!

Thanks for checking out today’s Zombie Madness everyone! Please stop by again soon!