Hey there Fast Food Zombie Lovers! It’s time now for the last fast food zombie mascot of the series, and I think, despite the fact that he’s basically just a “happy face” with a hat, it’s probably the creepiest of the bunch! I wanted this series to have a less formatted look so I attempted to find reference of these mascots that were vastly different from each other so that they were a series in content only. You can look back and see that the Kentucky Fried Chicken, Colonel Sanders one was basically a zombified floating head logo, much like the Wendy’s Girl, while the Burger King and Mc Donald’s Clown were more like guys wearing zombified suits or makeup and were zombies underneath. For the Jack in the Box one that you see here, I wanted to go under the assumption that this big-headed thing actually exists and is turned into a zombie as is. I really like the results!

Now it’s on to the next set of mascots, and wait ’till you see which ones!

Thanks for stopping by today everyone, I’ll see you again soon!