More Zombies anyone? There are more Zombies, More types of the undead and more categories of the Walking Dead here than anywhere else on the internet! Here you will see Zombie Mutants, Hot Zombie Babes, Zombie Animals, Celebrity Zombies and every Zombie in between! You’ve reached Zombie Heaven!

The custom requests just kept coming so I just kept drawing them. This was from a request to to, what else, a Zombie Fireman Holding an Axe…So that’s just what I did! HA! No real guesswork here, just a cool straight ahead request for a cool straight ahead Zombie! I’ve always thought that old ladies, children and people that you trust to protect you, make the best Zombies or monsters as they are an unlikely choice and with care givers like doctors or nurses, it makes the Zombie Apocalypse feel slightly more futile and scary. So to is true for Zombie Cops and Zombie Firemen. They wouldn’t be coming to rescue you from danger, they ARE the danger, so you have nowhere to turn to. The phrase “Send more cops” always comes to mind!

I once again thank you Zombie Nation, for coming by to see the newest post of Zombie Art here on Zombie Daily! I hope that you’ve all enjoyed the new image, and that you come back for more soon!