Greeting Zombie Nation! Wow, only eleven days ’til Christmas! Are you feeling it? I know that Christmas isn’t the traditional time for zombies but you wouldn’t know it from all of the Zombie Portrait orders I’ve been getting from around the globe. Zombie awareness is at a great level right now and I believe that it is thanks to quality zombie shows and books. It’s great that we live in a world where the living dead are finally getting their due with a graphic novel and television series like Walking Dead and great books like Rot and Ruin and a host of others. The last couple of years, especially this one, has seen a lot of good creators getting on the Zombie Express to do some awesome stuff. Hey, and let’s not forget yours truly filling in the cracks with zombies everyday. Hey, I could go on, but I think that when Zombie Daily returns in the New Year, I’ll do 2010 review pod cast.
‘Hope you love today’s post, see you soon!