Ah, you’re back! Awesome! Just in time for a new Zombie Art post at the number one place in the entire planet to see new Undead Illustrations every day, Zombie Daily! We’re way over 1,800 images of Zombies and counting! And it’s not just your average run of the mill human Zombie either, it’s the Walking Dead from all walks of life! From Hot Zombie Babe Pinups, to Zombie Animals, Mutants, Celebrities….the list goes on and on!

Today features of course a new addition to the vast array of Undead Heads, known as the ‘Heads of the Living Dead.’ Yes, and I’m talking VAST! Over 500 and counting, and at the rate that I’m creating new ones now, we may reach our 600th this year! Also, between multiple ‘Heads’ drawings, I’m working on a super secret awesome ‘finally gonna do it’ type project that brings together two of my greatest loves! I finally started it last night and was so into it I worked late into the night and into the morning! I really cannot wait to unleash it all on you awesome Zombie fans! It also really hits a whole group of other hardcore fans too, so I hope that they also dig it a lot!

Okay, so that’s today’s post folks! I hope to see you all back again soon! ‘Bye for now!