Hey there Zombie Art Fans! It’s George Romero’s Birthday, so I thought that I’d interrupt our regularly scheduled “Heads of the Living Dead Week” entry to pay a small tribute to the man who started “The Living Dead” franchise. George Romero had a huge role in creating the “Modern Zombie”, basically the one that ate human flesh, were the recently deceased that returned to life, and could be killed by shooting them in the head, and yes, there WERE fast zombies amongst the slow zombies in his movies!!!! The whole, “Eating Brains” and returning to life from the grave was popularized much later with “Return of the Living Dead”, NOT a sequel to Romero’s movies, but a film that vastly furthered the Zombie mythos, (And my favorite Zombie Movie).

These illustrations, by the way, are from the two versions of the documentary “Zombiemainia” which I did many more illustrations for and actually co-starred in!

I hope that you’ve all enjoyed today’s posting and tribute to George Romero, Zombie Nation, I’ll see you all again very soon!