Another day another deadly Zombie! I try to post my very best Zombie Art for all you fans out there in the Land of the Dead because I love it and all of you! It’s a known fact that viruses have a distinct tendency to change, grow stronger, and mutate over time, and it is often difficult for scientists to stay ahead of them with cures and antibiotics. There have been a number of very scary outbreaks around the world in recent times, most notably the “Swine Flu” and the “Avian” or “Bird Flu”. For today’s “head of the Living Dead” drawing I thought, what if the Zombie Virus, and “Bird Flu” virus intermingled to create a new terrifying strain in which when infected, the victim became an undead creature that took on the traits of a bird! Alright, I must have eaten some bad chicken or something to come up with that idea, but still, it made a pretty interesting visual after all! The real point of the “heads” series is to push the envelope where it comes to imagining new types of images to represent the undead, so you’re in for some more bizarre renderings!

Thanks for stopping in today Zombie Nation, I hope that you’ve all enjoyed today’s post and I hope that you return for some more zombie terror soon!