There’s more of what you want right here Zombie Maniacs! More Zombie Art! The series that has taken me the span of two years to create is slowly coming to a close. This twisted Zombie Head was just completed last night along with another, and six more were begun. It will take a while to complete the new designs, but after I’m done with my Christmas Zombie Portrait commitments, I’m going to concentrate on completing the ‘Heads’ series exclusively. Then it will be on to the personalized art being done to fulfill my Cape Fear Graphic Novel commitments for the individual perks given for a specific funding. These should be fun, and I’m going to post each and every one of them right here on Zombie Daily! Of course after all of that, my next challenge will be to create some lovely “Pinups of the Living Dead,” which should be incredibly fun and rewarding!

Thank you all for stopping in today Zombie Nation! I hope that you all liked today’s Zombie Art! ‘Bye for now.