Welcome Zombie Art lovers, to Zombie Daily, where new Zombie drawings, or paintings are added every day for you and you alone! This is “Head of the Living Dead #238 of the proposed 365 that is the ultimate goal. Each head is based solely on one skull template and my mission is to create as many different zombie heads as I can based on it. As I’ve said in the past, the goal is 365, but since I believe that Zombies are like snowflakes, and no two are alike, I may consider and in fact, can see myself doing more once the initial goal has been reached. If any of you would like to weigh in on your thoughts about this long running series, please visit my Facebook Fan Page at : http://www.facebook.com/OriginalZombiePortaits . You can let me know about this and any other posts that you feel strongly about and offer some suggestions as to what you’d like to see here on Zombie Daily as well. Thanks for stopping in today Zombie Nation. Please come back soon for more!