Day two of the new year and a new Zombie Drawing for you all! HA! It’ll be a real accomplishment when I get half way through the year with new Zombie Art! I’ll do my very best to see that it happens! I’ve still got a few “Heads of the Living Dead” drawings to post, and I must say, they are getting quite restless being cooped up in their holding pen for so long, they’re starting to take chunks out of each other! Before the end of January, I’ll be posting the new series of Zombie Pinup Divas that are hot off my drawing board. There will be a number of just black and white illustrations to start as they are a little quicker to complete, then when the numbers are up, I’ll begin doing more full color and ink wash illustrations. Some of the pinups will be stand alone drawings while others will be full scenes, as I’d really like to do a full array of different illustrations for this series. I hope that you are all looking forward to them.

Thanks for stopping by today Zombie Nation. Please come by again as often as you’d like. I’m always looking forward to sharing my art with all of you.