Greetings Zombie Nation! ‘Back for some more New Zombie Art again I see…Well, no one puts out more New Zombie Drawings and Paintings than Zombie Daily! Of course Zombie Daily is updated entirely by new Living Dead Art done by me, Rob Sacchetto, your Zombie Portrait artist! Today’s Head of the Living Dead has a little bit of an interesting premise behind it in that the Zombie in question, while consisting of Dead Flesh, is actually being controlled by a crystal imbedded in its head. Who might be behind such an abomination? Well, it could be any number of villainous provocateurs. Aliens, evil Scientists, some malicious Despot from a small European country bent on world domination. These are but some of the cliched possibilities that we’ve all read about in comics or have seen in movies throughout our lives. There is always some bad dude wanting to control a vast army of Zombie like creatures for their own evil purposes. Usually, the army ends up revolting against the bad guy and the good guys end up winning against insurmountable odds. Ah yes, it’s a tale as old as time folks. These are the things that I think about when drawing…making up little back-stories really help to flesh out your drawings and make them seem altogether more believable. Try it!

Thanks for stopping in today everyone. I hope to see you all again soon!