New Zombie Art coming at you from your number one source for new original Undead Illustrations and Pinups, Zombie Daily!  I just finished two more ‘Heads’ drawings last night, one of which I will share with you all tomorrow, but in the meantime, here’s a beauty from a month or so ago. Believe it or not I’m still experimenting with different color combinations and inking styles on this massive series and I’m over 300 drawings into it! This is a great indication for me that it will in fact transcend the 365 head goal that I set for it. Even in the waning hours of this series, I’m thinking of new stuff that I can do with it and other directions that I can explore. This is another great indication of the sheer power of Zombies’ massive visual appeal. There is just so much you can do with them on a purely visual level. Just the fact that they start off as human beings, and all humans look different from each other is just the base on which Zombie visualization begins!

I hope that you all enjoyed today’s new Zombie Image everyone. Please feel free to stop by again soon.