Greetings Zombie Art Lovers! There is literally more new original hand drawn Zombie Illustrations here than anywhere else on line or basically in the world in general…and more Zombie Artwork is added every day! That’s why we’ve called it Zombie Daily!

Having a very bad cold and being bed ridden almost to the point of Living Death myself, wont keep me from posting new images here for all of you fans of the Walking Dead! On the other hand, I am going to keep my posts brief as I do need rest! I’m very busy at the moment with various Zombie Art Projects, but I still do have time to work on the continuing onslaught of Zombie Heads from the “Heads of the Living Dead” series. I’m trying out new approaches to color, texture and overall execution of the art, just to shake things up as the series nears it’s 400th head image. I hope that you’ve loved it so far and that you’re exited for the future ‘Heads’ in the series!

Thank you all for stopping in today Zombie Nation, I hope that you all come back for more Zombie Art Madness really soon because I’ve got some real stuff coming up!