More of my Best Zombie Art for all of you undead lovers of new Zombie Illustration! Okay, one more “Head of the Living Dead” image to cap off the weekend, then it’s off to other new Zombie Drawing territory. I really love it wen a drawing turns out just like you see it in your head. I really wanted to make this Zombie head a real dumb-dumb type and I feel that it really worked out the way I planned. The unfocused eyes, the grin, and especially the gums and teeth make him really look the part and it all adds to his personality. I’ve always felt that each drawing should really have a back story of some kind, as I mentioned in yesterday’s post, just to really build the character in the piece and make it feel as though it came from something bigger than the sum of it’s parts. I hope that you’ve all enjoyed today’s post and I hope to see you all next week for all sorts of new zombie mayhem!