Greetings Zombie Art Freaks! Time again for some new Zombie Drawing Action from your pal Rob Sacchetto here at Zombie Daily, the place where a new illustration of the living dead is posted every day of the week! Here’s a new really bizarre ‘Head of the Living Dead” for your viewing enjoyment. I think that I was probably reminiscing about one of my favorite monster movies at the time I drew this as it really reminds me of a creature from “Night Breed”. Although it’s never really a conscious thing, I often find myself drawing something that is pretty much off the cuff so to speak and find that when it has been completed,it may resemble or have the characteristics of something I may have seen years ago, and I do mean years ago as I actually try not to create something that I’ve already seen, or is fresh in my mind…there’s just no fun in that. This image was just one of those that when I was done inking I looked at and thought, gee, I think that looks like that guy from Night Breed. Even at that, it may not look anything like that guy, but that’s where I think it must be influenced by. Hey what are you gonna do?

Thank you all for stopping in to Zombie Daily today folks, I hope to see you all again soon!