It’s that time again! Time to unleash more new original Zombie Art into the world on the longest running daily living dead art posting website on the planet! This is where I, Rob Sacchetto post a new drawing or painting of a Zombie or zombies everyday. Today’s offering is a frosted, frozen Zombie head from the “Heads of the Living Dead” series. Hopefully, Zombies cannot function in below freezing temperature as, theoretically their bodies freeze solid as they have no circulation of warm blood keeping them limber. Heck, this would even work for us humans if it were that cold. Now fleeing to colder climates in the event of an apocalypse seems like the best choice, but if Global Warming has it’s way, there will be less and less inhabitable real estate to fend off the hordes. All we can do is hope that mankind works together instead of against each other like every zombie movie ever made. ‘Let’s try and fight together when the time comes!

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