My Best Zombie Art to you, every day from Zombie Daily! Today’s Zombie drawing comes to you again from that immense series “The Heads of the Living Dead.” I’m currently about 30 or so zombie head drawings away from reaching my goal of 365 in this massive art project. I know that it will be weird to hit that goal as it has really taken a long time to do so. When I open the file of the ‘heads’ that I’ve already posted, it just really freaks me out to see that many similarly sized completely different and diverse, fully rendered zombie heads staring back at me. It’s really quite a sight. Aside from my actual Zombie Portraits business, in which I currently have illustrated over 2500 people as zombies, the ‘Heads’ series remains, without a doubt, my most ambitious art project in a long time…perhaps ever. Well, here’s hoping that you’ve all enjoyed the “Heads of the Living Dead” series so far. You’re always free to give me your input on it, and anything else here on Zombie Daily, at my Zombie Fan Page.

Thanks for stopping in today Zombie Nation, I hope to see you all again soon!