Welcome all of you Zombie Art Freaks! ‘Back for more Zombie Drawings I see, well I aim to please, and I also aim for the head when it comes to the undead! Weird feelings of a void being left in my life are beginning to wash over me as there are so few “Heads of the Living Dead” drawings left to post before the last. It seems like I’ve been doing nothing but Zombie Portraits for the last three months non stop, but it looks as though I’ve been sneaking in some ‘heads’ drawings, and some Zombie Babe Pinups too! I found a few Zombie Pinup Drawings half finished under my light table last night while looking for a circle template. I got a sudden urge to scribble down some quick ideas for some ‘Heads’ drawings and came up with five or six in the middle of doing the last few Zombie Portraits before the Christmas cutoff. I ended up crashing at about 6:30 this morning and realized that I had done eight more heads drawings, amidst all of the portrait work! Anywoo, needless to say it was a very busy night/morning for me!

Thank you all for joining me here again on Zombie Daily folks. I look forward to seeing you all back again soon!