More Zombie Art! New Zombie Drawings! My Best Living Dead Illustrations, every day and all for you my Undead Fanatics! As well as attempting to create 365 “Heads of the Living Dead” head shots, I’m also trying to see how many days/months I can post a new image without a break here on Zombie Daily. I know that I’m over 16 months so far, but I’m really trying hard to see if I can go another whole year without a break. I just really love sharing my art with all of you out there in Zombie Land! A lot of people have added suggestions of things they’d like to see here on Zombie Daily, on my Facebook fan site and you can too. Just go here : ,hit the “like” button and you can suggest virtually any zombie themed art or idea. I may not be able to do it %100 of the time, but I do try. I will then post said image and add your name to it as a collaborator!

I hope that all of you liked the luchador zombie today, it was that I just finished recently that I can’t believe I hadn’t done already! Thanks for stopping by. Best Wishes ’till next time!