Greetings Zombie Art Freaks! I try my best to bring you my finest Zombie Art each and every day here on Zombie Daily! The Undead Art of today of course comes from the mighty “Heads of the Living Dead” series, a giant collection of various Original Zombie Heads that I’m creating from one skull template. The series was started in late 2010 and so far’ I’m up to approximately 340 heads most of which have been already posted right here. Of course, it has taken me quite a while to complete this series as I’ve been involved in many other Zombie related projects, drawings for this site, and of course the flagship, Zombie Portraits, which is my primary art business. This year is the year that I’ve devoted to fully complete the 365 head goal, however I was just given an opportunity to be involved in perhaps one of the most amazing Zombie side projects imaginable today, so the ‘heads’ series will need to take a bit of a break for a while again…I’m confident that it will however be completed this year though and I already have plans for it to become something HUGE! Stay tuned!