Welcome to the brand new Zombie Portraits/Zombie Daily website, still providing you with new Zombie Art and Undead Illustrations EVERY DAY! Today’s image is another glimpse into the twisted vile ranks of the “Heads of the Living Dead Mega Series” For those of you unfamiliar with the “HotLD” series, it’s basically a number of zombie head drawings that I based upon a single skull template . The goal is for me to reach 365 different living dead head designs based upon that one template, basically one head per day making up one years worth. I have found this to be one absolutely monumental challenge as, not only is that a lot of zombie heads, but I don’t want to recycle any of the already hundreds of other zombie designs I’ve done in the past. The good news is, I’m about forty heads away from my goal and it hasn’t happened yet! Whew, only forty odd heads to go! Well, as I’ve stated in the past 365 is the goal, it doesn’t mean that I will stop at 365, as something tells me, if motivation strikes, and I can see a cool new zombie head in my mind to draw, I’m going to add to the series for sure!