Alright all you Zombie Art Loving Monsters, you want more Living Dead Madness, you got it, ’cause if Zombie Daily does anything, it posts new Zombie Illustrations for you every day! And of course today is no exception as the seemingly unstoppable army of “Heads of the Living Dead” images marches on! Well, maybe not marches ’cause they’re just heads, but ROLLS on at least! It’s no surprise that I plan to continue this series indefinitely into the future of Zombie Daily, and hopefully beyond. There are just so many ways to draw Zombies, that I couldn’t in good conscience stop at 365. I consider that number a goal at a time when I felt I needed to reach a plausibleĀ  end, just in case a big project came up that kept me from my regular Zombie Daily art chores. I really wanted to be able to post new material here while I was working on other Zombie related projects. Thank goodness it all worked out. My summer was ripe with side projects and I was able to keep Zombie Daily alive with new content to share with all of you! Thanks Heads of the Living Dead!

And Thank You all again for stopping in Zombie Nation! I hope to see all of you again soon!