Hey there Zombie Lovers! Art of the Undead is my great passion which is why I post new Zombie Drawings each and every day! The Zombie art featured on Zombie Daily today is from the “Heads of the Living Dead” series, as if you didn’t know, and is another brand new flesh eating fiend. I’m about to embark on a two month oddyessy of intense Zombie Art creation for an amazing new project so, once again, I’m going to need to suspend the drawing of new ‘heads’ until I’m done. Thankfully I have a file of these rotting creatures just waiting to be unleashed! That should take us right up to the release of the third season of “The Walking Dead”! I’m really looking forward to that, both time-wise and for the new series itself!

In any case Zombie Nation, I’m going to keep it short today, and I’d just like to thank you again for stopping in to see my newest creation in the huge Zombie pantheon I’ve created. Please come by again really soon!