Greetings Zombie Artwork Fanatics and welcome to Zombie Daily, my attempt to zombify the world! Here today, for your viewing enjoyment is another image from the utterly massive “Heads of the Living Dead” series. I’m actually beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel on the huge number that I’ve committed myself to reaching on this group of undead drawings. Recently, I crested the 200 mark of the 365 goal and just this morning, I scanned the eleven new heads that I just completed last night.

One of the challenges of the many facing me in a series of this size is attempting to constantly make the color choices for each head dissimilar from the last. This is a problem that presented itself early on as most people think of zombies as just being pale grey or green or blue. Of course if that were the case for the “heads” series, it would get very boring very fast. What I try to do with each drawing is figure out how the particular zombie came to be, what happened to it, and basically fill in a mini back story that lends color characteristics to it within reason. Some zombies are created by toxic waste, so they may have open sores, and a greenish tinge to their skin, while others may have died at sea, so they may be covered in colorful coral or barnacles. The attempt is to figure out a way that each individual creature retains characteristics unlike any other, so much so, that when you see them all together, it doesn’t look like you are looking at a big grey mass of zombie heads.

Thank you all for stopping in today Zombie Nation, I’ll catch up with you all again very soon!