Hey there all of you Zombie Art Loving Maniacs! Here’s another New Undead Illustration to feed your desire for Walking Dead Flesh! After today’s “Head of the Living Dead” post, I’m going to bring you all some brand new Hot Zombie Babe Pinups amongst other very recent rotters that I just completed working on this week, to flesh out the next few days of posts here on Zombie Daily. Not only do I want to bring you original hand illustrated drawings and paintings everyday, but I want to bring you as much current material as well! For any feed back on posts or to perhaps suggest Zombie Images that you’d like to see me draw, please leave a comment right here in the “comments” section, (where else?), or feel free to join my Rob Sacchetto Zombie Fan Page on Facebook at : http://www.facebook.com/OriginalZombiePortaits . I think that it may be a little more conducive to conversation.

I hope that you all enjoyed today’s new Undead art Zombie Nation. I look forward to posting many more for you all in the months to come. See you next time!