More Zombie Art! An unending parade of Zombie Pinups! More New Original Undead illustration added everyday! These are the phrases that succinctly describe the Zombie Daily Division of  the Zombie Portraits website. If you are new to the site, please feel free to peruse to your hearts’ content. And if you regularly frequent Zombie Daily, here, as expected is the new “Head of the Living Dead” series drawing of the day. I hope that you all don’t mind seeing a new image from this series every day or so. I’m clearing them from their holding pens so that we can start new beginning next year. I just love this series, and although it has been extremely challenging to come up with a new Zombie Head 365 times based on a single skull template, it has also been incredibly rewarding! I’m almost there. I think that there are about 17 left to reach the goal!

Thank you all for stopping in and supporting Zombie Daily! See you soon!