Hey there all you lovers of the Living Dead! Brand new Zombie Pinup Art comes your way today courtesy of Zombie Daily! This monster, kind of like a previous blend of Zombie Human and Zombie Dog, is another example of my ambition to try to change the ‘face’ of living dead. When you think about it, most supernatural humanoid creatures are all ‘undead’ monsters anyway. The Mummy,The Frankenstein Monster, Vampires, even the Were Wolf are all ‘unkillable’ by standard means because they are already dead, so I thought there would be a lot of natural crossover there. This is sort of my inclusion of a beast man into the hallowed halls of “The Heads of the Living Dead”. He’s definitely not altogether human to begin with and he of course has the sickly Zombie skin pallor, no nose, and maggots around his mouth signifying death and decay. I really like this version personally I think that it turned out well.