For new Zombie Art, Zombie Daily has you covered. I put my best Zombie Drawings online every day for all of the lovers of the undead all around the world! Greetings again everyone, and please enjoy another “head” illustration from the many hundreds already posted. This is another, fresh off of the drawing board as I enter into the home stretch of this HUGE series. I think that I’ll have mixed feelings about finishing this series as on one hand, I’ll be relieved that it’s over and receive a sense of accomplishment as it has been a huge challenge. On the other hand, it’s almost become an automatic necessity in that I’ve come to pretty much set my myself up to do a few each week, and they’ve been a integral part of new posts here on Zombie Daily for such a long time. I’ve actually come to rely on them to fill the gaps when I’m overwhelmed with other work and can’t always produce new stuff every single day. In any case, I do hope that you’ve all loved seeing them as much as I have enjoyed drawing them. Thanks for stopping in today everyone, i hope to see you again soon!