The most new and original Zombie Art on earth, every day here on Zombie Daily! Undead or basically Dead Flesh are the terms used to describe the “Heads of the Living Dead” series. Some of the ‘heads’ that I’ve concocted for this long running art series may often appear to be monsters or aliens, but they all consist of dead flesh that has been reanimated back to life in some way. Usually there are little details that identify them as Zombies also. The pallor of their skin, a missing nose or ear, and blood dripping from their lips and around their yellowed teeth is usually a staple that tells you that, yes, this might have been a monster, or an alien, but somewhere along the way it died, and came back as a rotting abomination! Well, it’s now back to the drawing board folks! I hope that you enjoyed this new Zombie Daily, “Heads of the Living Dead” entry. Please do come back again tomorrow and everyday to get your new fix of Zombie Art! Thanks for stopping by!