Greetings fellow Zombie Lovers! More Living Dead Head Art today, and everyday. If it’s not from Beyond the Grave, we don’t have it! It’s tough coming up with a new Zombie Head everyday, but, it can also be tons of fun! Next to car commercials, it seems like the next biggest type of television advertisement is oral hygiene for some strange reason. It got me to thinking, if a person had really poor teeth and unhealthy gums, how would that manifest itself after they had turned into a member of the Walking Dead? Well, I imagined that the horrendous amount of bacteria would begin to further rot the already decaying teeth and gum area, causing massive boils of pus and gangrene that would increase exponentially eventually engulfing the zombies’ entire head and neck. Perhaps that would be another great image to illustrate for this series, the whole head and face of a living cadaver riddled with excessive rot! I’ll get right on t!

Thanks for stopping in today Zombie Nation, I hope that you are all enjoying the new “Heads of the Living Dead” this week. There’s more to come so stay tuned! ‘See you all next time!