Do you want to see hundreds of  Zombie Art pieces? If you do, you’ve arrived at the one place on the entire internet that posts new Zombie Art every day, so congratulations, you’ve found your home! Here on Zombie Daily, New Zombie Art is featured every day and comprises not just the Zombie Types that you’d see on The Walking Dead, or in Night of the Living Dead…but Zombies of ALL types! Here you will see sexy Zombie Pinup Girls, Mutant Zombies, Zombie Animals, Zombie Aliens and so much living dead flesh you’d think you died and went to HELL! :)

So today’s image is another new rotting mug from the venerable “Heads of the Living Dead” series, as if you didn’t know…I am right this moment working on the home stretch to Head of the Living Dead #400! When I’ve competed that nasty brain muncher, I will begin the week long celebration to that momentous milestone, and feature a new head every day for a week until we hit it! I’m very exited, as this has been a very long road, and I’m very proud to have accomplished this huge endeavor that I still do not plan on stopping any time soon. In fact, I’ve given more thought to the series and have arrived at some great and wonderful images that can prolong the Heads indefinitely! More on that in the near future. I do however want to concentrate on the Zombie Pinup Divas too, so it will be quite a juggling act!

Thanks for stopping in today Zombie Nation, I hope to see you all again soon!