Greetings loyal Zombie Artwork Lovers! Another day, another head to zombify here at Zombie Daily! I want to attempt to show just how many different ways zombies can be interpreted in this series of Living Dead Heads and just yesterday, while working on a new batch I decided that I would take them in a whole new, bizarre direction yet again. When I mentioned the zombie mutation angle in yesterday’s post, it got me to thinking about a concept that I covered in my Zombie Handbook, the “nanobot created zombie”. In a nutshell, these zombie-creatures can absorb the essence of other creatures that it consumes or comes into contact with. While the nanobots cannot actually reverse the death process, they can perpetually fuel it with the life essence of other living things, something a zombie does already by eating the flesh of others, but in an entirely different way. The nanobot controlled zombie can take on some of the most worthwhile traits of what it consumes or comes in contact with to make it a better hunter/killer. Flies that land on the rotting epidermis can be absorbed and change the zombies physical makeup giving it the ability to perhaps eject an acid on it’s prey, breaking it down for more efficient digestion, move much faster with greater agility, or in an advanced case, even fly.

So having established the parameters in that theory, I’m now exploring some “Zombie Fusion” designs, giving the “Heads of the Living Dead” yet another dimension.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed today’s post and are exited to see some of the new zombie fusion drawings coming up. Thanks for stopping in today everyone, see you all again soon!