With more Zombie Art than you can shake a severed limb at, welcome to Zombie Daily, where I, Rob Sacchetto, zombify a little more of the world every day! Today’s image of a zombie depicts a style that I used to use a very long time ago when I was fervently into comic books. It represents a certain slick style that uses a lot of black or shaded areas and feather lines to describe form. Although I do like the look and texture of this style, I do find that it deadens the movement of the illustration and really imbeds itself into the paper.

I have really moved away from this type of illustration technique and more towards a sketchier tone in drawing that I feel gives more life to even the most undead subject matter. That is not to say that I don’t like this style, it’s just that I feel that it has it’s specific time and place…basically like any style, I simply do not find myself using it as often.

I have to say however that it was fun utilizing this art style again, and I think that maybe I should revisit it and try to refine my use of it to bring out the better qualities for it’s use.
Thank you all for stopping in today Zombie Nation, see you all again soon!