Hey Zombie Loving folks around the world! I learned yesterday, that sadly, actor James Gandolfini passed away in Italy at age 51 of an apparent heart attack.

I can’t tell you how much I admired this actor, as I consider his role on ‘The Sopranos’ perhaps one of the most poignant, utterly amazing roles I’ve ever witnessed on television. I’ve watched the entire run of that show, top to bottom, many times and as I own the full set of seasons, and when it happens to be on television, (unedited of course), I can’t help myself to be drawn in again and again.

This Zombie Portrait of the actor was done for my “Zombiewood” book a few years ago. It was done as a tribute to Mr. Gandolfini then, as I was mostly in control of who I wanted to add to the book, and it remains a tribute to the man and actor now after his passing. It is my way of saying ‘I love and respect your work.’

Thank you all for joining me today on Zombie Daily!