Welcome all you Zombie Art Loving Fanatics! Another day means more undead art from your pals here on Zombie Daily! In case you were wondering, Zombie Daily, is a division of Zombie Portraits, where I, Rob Sacchetto experiment with all sorts of dead flesh, to create hundreds of new undead creations! They are amassed, kept in their holding pens, then slowly released every day!

Okay, so this drawing is yet another from the ‘Zombies in your Mailbox’ campaign, and, as requested, it’s two jiu jitsu sparring Zombies. I really must do more Zombies engaged in sporting activities. I think that the potential for Undead sports is huge! It can be played for laughs or it can be played for tons of gore as Zombies crashing into each other in hockey or football would have some gruesome results for sure! Even a Zombie Olympics or Undead Triathlon or ‘Running Dead’ marathon, would be mega cool! Yup, I think that there can be a lot of fun in Zombie Sports and I’m going to be looking into doing a series of those soon! Well, that was easy! HA!

‘Hope that you liked today’s image Zombie Nation. Tune in again soon for much more!