Hey there my undead lovers of Zombie Art! A special zombified surprise product today from yours truly and the awesome people of Andrews and Blaine! My very own “Zombie Puzzle” based on the incredibly popular poster, is in Books a Million stores all over the United States RIGHT NOW!! It is in limited supply, and by this I mean very limited supply, so pick one up as soon as your undead feet can shuffle! It is always such a huge honor to have one of my art pieces turned into such a fun product and this will be the second time for a puzzle, the first one being the “Zombie Stew” drawing. It just really means that someone is willing to take the chance, at a fairly great risk and expense to themselves, on your work, and that is a very nice feeling indeed. I am very glad that you took the time to stop in to Zombie Daily today Zombie Nation, thanks for the visit, and see you soon!