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Okay, so, sometimes I look at a finished ‘Head of the Living Dead’ series drawing after it is finished and think, ‘Ok, what do I call this one?’ Well, at the time it is usually a gut reaction just to give the image file a name so that I can save it it’s proper file on my desktop. The first thing that came to mind when I saw this finished image was that it looked vaguely like television personality and talk show host Phil Donahue. HA! Yes, I know, but upon listing it here as a post on Zombie Daily, I thought, well, it doesn’t really look like Phil Donahue in the sense that that what I was going for, so, at the last minute I changed the name to just Land Phil. So there’s the exiting story behind THAT! Again, HA! So, when I do a Phil Donahue Zombie, you’ll definitely know it, because it will actually look like him, and that’s what I’ll actually call it!

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