The Mighty Zombie Daily rolls on, uninterrupted, and delivering the Undead goods every day! And for today, a brand new Head of the Living Dead, just completed hours ago, so you know that the Dead Flesh is fresh!

I’m determined to hit the six hundred mark with this series as soon as possible, so the other night I pulled an ‘all night Head of the Living Dead marathon’ which started at 9PM, and ended somewhere around 5:30AM. In that time I got ten heads started, six finished, and four up to their inking stage. I also prepped a bunch of new Zombie Pinup Divas drawings, and got a new surprise Zombie Animal almost halfway done. All in all, it was a pretty productive night. I really felt that I needed to put aside some time for some new Zombie Daily images, as I have been very busy doing other work lately and haven’t had time to devote to some pure Zombie Art. I must say that I am very blessed to be in this position however and hope that it never changes! If I’m drawing for a living, I can work day and night and love it!

Thanks for coming by and checking out the new Zombie Daily image today folks! I hope to see all of you again soon!