If you were out looking for the most Original Zombie Art in one giant Living Dead playground, you my friend, have hit the undead jackpot! Here it is, Zombie Daily! That means just what it says as I deliver a new Zombie Drawing or painting from my art table to your eye balls every day! I know that it sounds crazy, but it’s true, I love Zombies that much, and I love Zombie fans just as much!

So today, I present to you the first image from my second Indie Gogo art campaign, ‘Zombies in your Mailbox.” This was a really neat little thing in which, for $25 bucks, people could request custom original Zombie Art from me, based on a one sentence description. The completed Zombie Art would then be mailed to their door for them to keep! I had such a great time doing these, (I’m actually still working on a lot of them as I’m writing this), and hope to do this or a similar campaign in the future. Some of the requests were really tough to do, while others were just plain fun, but either way I loved them all! This of course is that mermaid from the Disney movie “Little Mermaid” I believe. There was also another mermaid request. There’s a Unicorn coming up, some more animals, and a whole slew of others. I hope you love checking them all out as I loved drawing them!

Okay, so, that’s it for today folks. I hope you liked today’s post and that I see you all again very soon!