Hey there all you Rabid Living Dead Zombie Artwork Fans! I’m back with more Living Dead Head action today! I think that I’ve got roughly 165 HotLd drawings left to go before I reach my goal of 365. I know that it does seem like a lot, but it wasn’t that long ago that I was barely halfway there. I still have a number of surprise headed your way with this and other new art series here on Zombie Daily so I certainly hope that you all join me here each and every day of the week to check out what’s in store.

And Speaking of “store” many people ask, “Do you sell prints of the artwork on Zombie Daily?” The answer is YES! Simply go to www.zombieportraits.com , scroll down right before you see the Zombie Daily feed, you’ll see an area that you can order signed prints. Do check it out!

Thanks for stopping in today everyone, see you all next time!