Hey there Zombie Artwork fans! More zombified action comin’ at ya from your giant source for the illustrated living dead Zombie Daily! Today, as is the case for most “every other day” here on the daily blog, comes another image from the Heads of the Living Dead series, the longest running series that I’ve done so far. As I’ve been recently attempting to push the envelope so to speak with stretching the visual interpretation of zombies, I still find it necessary to keep the original and simpler forms intact as well. The simpler forms can be abstracted and stylized also after all.

Today’s illustrated entry was done with one of the many zombies from the movie “Return of the Living Dead” in mind. It still to this day remains my number one favorite of all zombie flicks, and the zombie that inspired this image was none other than the medical cadaver. While not as visually striking as, say, the Tar Man, this crazed cadaver is no less recognizable as the walking dead and is why I chose to include him in the long list of heads for this series.

I hope that you’ve all enjoyed today’s entry, I hope to see all of you again real soon! Thanks for stopping in!