Hey Zombie Freaks! New Gore for you all today from the leading Zombie related site on the internet for new Undead Art, Zombie Daily!  I’m so glad that you found us, and I think that after you peruse the over 1,600 images here, you will be too!

A new Head of the Living Dead ftom the longest series that I’ve ever done, comes to you today. I just put some ‘heads’ drawings away in their big file envelope and I tell ya, the thing has got to weigh at least ten pounds! That’s over 420 Zombie Head drawings in one place! For this Zombie head I was going for more of a ‘monster’ creature that had later died but came back as both a monster and a Zombie! Possibly a lab experiment went wrong and changed a scientist into a marauding monster, it was killed, and buried, but it somehow came back as a mindless Undead creature. I like the idea of mixing genres like that, like Zombies and Aliens or Zombies and Monsters, things like that, just to add some spice to both.

I hope that you liked today’s post everyone. ‘See you all next time!